jeudi 25 octobre 2007

In the first episode, Clark arrived on the earth at the city of Smallville by a rain of meteorites. He was just a little boy when his parents found him. Clark knew really fast that he was not like all the others kids. Martha and Jonathan Kent, the parents of Clark Kent have been accept Clark like if he was their real kid. A day, Lex Luthor have an accident with his car. He hit Clark and together they fall in the water. Clark Kent save Lex Luthor. It’ at that day that the scientist Lex try to understand more and more about how Clark have survive to the accident and how he could save him.

mercredi 24 octobre 2007


Smallville is about a history of superman. The name of the main character in this show is Clark Kent. Clark always put a lot’s of responsibilities on this shoulder, he thinks that when something going bad it’s always is faults. Clark show always a lot’s of maturities when he have to make face to some problems. Clark Kent his in love with Lana Lang, a young beautiful girl with black hair. Because he doesn’t want to put Lana in danger he can’t really tell her all the feelings that he got for her. That’s why their relationship doesn’t work so well. They also have Lex Luthor who we don’t realy know witch size he is. Chloe Sullivan is a young girl who always fallow Clark in his problems, she always their for help him. Finally, they also have Martha and Jonathan Kent who are the parents of Clark Kent.

jeudi 6 septembre 2007